SON-1206D Intelligent Battery Charger In Pakistan


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SON-1206D Intelligent Battery Charger In Pakistan

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1. The three section type pulse charging
   ① Constant-current charging    Increase the charging speed
   ② Constant-voltage charging    Eliminate over charge,increase the service life of thebattery 
   ③ Floating charging mode        Trickle maintenance,keep full
2. Charger smart panel
   Five kinds of charging mode selection,digital display charging current, charging voltage.
3. Anti-loss and current-limiting function
   Protect the charger and battery, greatly extend the life of the battery and charger.
   ① Anti-loss function: 
   When the charger is connected with the battery, the battery is prevented from being vulcanized to
   prevent the battery from losing water.
   ② Current-limiting function: 
   When the battery is charged full to continue charging is very dangerous, this charger can be based on
   the capacity of the battery, adjust the charging current when the switch on, protect the charger and battery.
4. Prevent anti-charge function
5. Microcomputer control and management
   Using micro controller MCU, intelligent control and management of battery charging, charger full of self stop.
6. Anti impact delay start function
   Can reduce the starting current and suppression of dramatic changes in the current flowing in a circuit,
   to prevent the high voltage impact and protect the charger and battery are not damaged.
7. Multiple safety protections
   With the battery online detection,input high voltage or high current protection,anti short circuit,
   anti over charging, anti overvoltage and other functions.


 Max Charge Current

 5A ~ 6A

 Applicable Battery Voltage


 Rated Input Voltage

 110V ~ 240V

 Rated Frequency

 47Hz ~ 63Hz

 Full Load Efficiency


 Temperature Range

 - 20℃ ~ + 90℃

 Product Weight


 Product Size

 153 * 60 * 80mm             

Product Instruction:
1. Check whether the rated voltage of the battery to be charged is consistent with the output voltage of the charger.
2. As required,connect the charger and battery to be charged .
3. Check the power supply voltage and the charger rated input voltage is consistent
4. Connected to the power supply, digital tube display said charging voltage and current.
5. If the digital tube is not on, please quickly disconnect the power supply, check the power supply,
    battery, charger and all the wire is normal
6. After charging, please disconnect the power supply before disconnect the connecting wire of the battery.


1. The charger is designed for 12V Acid battery / Colloid battery, and can not be used as a power source for other electronic devices.
2. Charger with high pressure danger, such as failure, please contact the dealer or manufacturer, users and non professional
    maintenance personnel of the company is strictly   prohibited to open the charger
3. Prohibited to use in humid, high temperature, flammable and explosive gas environment.
4. Prohibited to charge the non-rechargeable batterys.
5. Try not to short circuit and reverse connection!(Although there is protection, but not recommended for)

The original is the EU plug,according to the different area, packages will come with different adapter plugs.

Package Included:
1 X Car Battery Charger (with Adapter Plug)


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SON-1206D Intelligent Battery Charger In Pakistan

SON-1206D Intelligent Battery Charger In Pakistan

SON-1206D Intelligent Battery Charger In Pakistan