Mr Irfan   have a lot of experience in many Engineering fields like medical electronics ,telecommunication (GSM GPS XBEE , ZIGBEE ) ,  power electronics, DLD, Control systems (PID , FUZZY LOGIC ).

He also knows  ATMEL 8051 programming in (ASSEMBLY  language  and C  ) Microchip PIC programming (IN PIC C COMPILER , MIKRO C  in C language)ATMEL AVR microcontroller programming in (AVR STUDIO in C and ASSEMBLY )ARDUINO programming .

PCB designing in PROTEL and PROTEUS ARES,

In computer languages C# Language and C++.

He was a teacher  in past and now  professional in Embedded Systems  designing and have experience on working a lots of professional , student and hobby  project in various fields like Biomedical , Electrical , Electronics ,  Mechatronics ,  computer Sciences and Arts .

He is hobbyist in  of  Philosophy , Mathematics , Poetry , Quantum Mechanics,  and Gardening . 

He wants to promote maker culture in Pakistan because he believes in Learn By Doing  WWW.HALLROAD.ORG is a one of his project to achieve this goal.

Here is twitter link of Mr Irfan. TWITTER