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Single Phase Ac Voltage Regulators Variable Transformer Variac


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Single Phase Ac Voltage Regulators Variable Transformer Variac With Digital Voltmeter .

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 TDGC2 Single Phase Series Regulator(Variac)

Input Voltage  


Output Voltage


Ambient Temperature

 -5∼ +40





Temperature Rise


Insulation Resistance


Waveform Distortion

 NO additional waveform distortion



Dielectric Strength


Load Power Factor


The Variable Autotransformer

As well as having a fixed or tapped secondary that produces a voltage output at a specific level, there is another useful application of the auto transformer type of arrangement which can be used to produce a variable AC voltage from a fixed voltage AC supply. This type of  Variable Autotransformer is generally used in laboratories and science labs in schools and colleges and is known more commonly as the Variac.

variac autotransformer

The construction of a variable autotransformer, or variac, is the same as for the fixed type. A single primary winding wrapped around a laminated magnetic core is used as in the auto transformer but instead of being fixed at some predetermined tapping point, the secondary voltage is tapped through a carbon brush.

This carbon brush is rotated or allowed to slide along an exposed section of the primary winding, making contact with it as it moves supplying the required voltage level.

Then a variable autotransformer contains a variable tap in the form of a carbon brush that slides up and down the primary winding which controls the secondary winding length and hence the secondary output voltage is fully variable from the primary supply voltage value to zero volts.

The variable autotransformer is usually designed with a significant number of primary windings to produce a secondary voltage which can be adjusted from a few volts to fractions of a volt per turn. This is achieved because the carbon brush or slider is always in contact with one or more turns of the primary winding. As the primary coil turns are evenly spaced along its length. Then the output voltage becomes proportional to the angular rotation.

Variable Autotransformer

variable autotransformer


We can see that the variac can adjust the voltage to the load smoothly from zero to the rated supply voltage. If the supply voltage was tapped at some point along the primary winding, then potentially the output secondary voltage could be higher than the actual supply voltage. Variable autotransformer’s can also be used for the dimming of lights and when used in this type of application, they are sometimes called “dimmerstats”.

Variacs are also very useful in electrical and electronics workshops and labs as they can be used to provide a variable AC supply. But caution needs to be taken with suitable fuse protection to ensure that the higher supply voltage is not present at the secondary terminals under fault conditions.

The Autotransformer have many advantages over conventional double wound transformers. They are generally more efficient for the same VA rating, are smaller in size, and as they require less copper in their construction, their cost is less compared to double wound transformers of the same VA rating. Also, their core and copper losses, I2R are lower due to less resistance and leakage reactance giving a superior voltage regulation than the equivalent two winding transformer.


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Single Phase Ac Voltage Regulators Variable Transformer Variac

Single Phase Ac Voltage Regulators Variable Transformer Variac

Single Phase Ac Voltage Regulators Variable Transformer Variac With Digital Voltmeter .